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EduplanterWeb Group is your one-stop solution company that can solve all your digital problems that have been around for ten years now. We create every website or application with new ideas and thoughts that are completely unique. Php, .net CMS and in collaboration with WordPress DRUPAL we do great innovative design.

Front-end web development

In collaboration with HTML CSS Java or .net, we create new designs according to their choice to make Jafar more beautiful and active.

Digital Support

SEO or digital marketing is all done by our team and automation system which will help you to improve your business much more.



EduplanterWeb started its journey in 2010 but there was no documentary in its name at that time. The name was first given in 2018. Since then it has become a private limited company and continues to benefit and serve people with a good reputation.



Our web developers and programmers are highly trained and can deliver beautiful features and functionality customer care products to the customer.



All the marketing managers or executive officers of EduplanterWeb will show you the demo first and if you like within that team then the system will be created for you, if you don't like the design then you have to make changes as many times.

Happy Clients


Hours Of Support

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Eduplantereb provided a powerful PHP/cms-based E-Commerce System. It is an all-in-one eCommerce Shopping Platform. You can choose this as the most suitable platform for a single vendor eCommerce management system.


Eduplantereb provided a powerful PHP/cms-based Portfolio web solution. You can boost your business using the Eduplanterweb Portfolio website. The most efficient and simplest way to do this is to choose a quality website.


Eduplanterweb provided a powerful PHP/cms-based Online software. Sales, Inventory Management, Client Management ERP, CRM, etc Any kind of software can be made from Eduplanterweb at a very low cost.

SMS/Mail Marketing

Eduplanterweb has created an automated sales funnel where automatic Mail, SMS, and notification system. It will give you a beautiful ability to spread the word about your brand or company to everyone.

Digital Support

SEO or digital marketing is all done by our team and automation system which will help you to improve your business much more.

Managment Softare

Every part of school management, hospitality management or any pharmacy, we have developed software that will help you grow your business a lot.

Our Portfolio

e have made a Portfolio for you that generate a clear idea about us and impress to build something! you can contact us it here: https://www.eduplanterweb.com give it a try! it is totally best opportunity for you

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Our Team

Our team is your team. Our team is ready to work for your success.

Raj Chakraborty

Chief Executive Officer

Mousumi Paul

Product Manager

Indrani Das


Mita Biswas


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to create a website?

Our prices depends on so many factors. It would be impossible to say it in one sentence. Avoid any web developer who can answer this question without a long discussion. To get a better idea on the cost of the website you need to build:
1. Send us your message through our contact form or give us a call.
2. Answer few questions regarding nature of your website, features, design etc.
3. We’ll provide you a ballpark figure based on our initial discussions.
4. If you are happy, we’ll proceed and come up with the final quote.
Free advice! Avoid any developer who gives you a quote instantly. Giving a quote instantly without proper discussions is Impossible.

What are your payment steps?

We require 50% of the project value at the time of starting the project. After the design is approved and the coding is complete, we’ll show the website from our server. Once the website is approved, you need to pay the balance 50% to enable us to transfer the website to your server.
For projects with high value, we are happy to discuss and receive payments in 2 or more installments

Do you offer domain registration and website hosting services?

No. We don’t do domain registration and hosting services. But we would love to assist the purchase of domain and hosting, based on your requirements.

How much time will it take to complete the website?

Normally, the time taken to complete a web assignment can be decided by the client. We can help you get the web assembled for you if you have a time limit in mind.

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